Why 321 Wellness for a massage?

Unlike a Swedish massage - a more basic and centered approach around relaxation. Our “Massage” or “Body Work” is centered around the approach of Medical Massage Therapy. Medical Massage Therapy focuses on a chief complaint, and follows a medical message protocol to treat. The outcome for a Medical Massage therapists is to have a pronounced body/tissue transformation, rather then just relaxation. This protocol allows for therapist to make a proper treatment plan for a response in tissue within the first 24 hrs, while creating lasting positive response in tissue. A Medical Massage Therapist can work closely with your Doctor or Physical therapist. Being able to work closely with your Doctor or Physical therapist your Medical Massage therapist is able to specialized a treatment plan, best suiting you and your Recovery.


Deep Tissue Body Work

80 MINUTES $100 • 50 MINUTES $70


A type of massage technique that focuses on treating soft tissue aches, pain and injuries that are associated with recreational activities. Massage can reduce muscle stiffness and improve relaxation by reducing heart rate and blood pressure. We also use CBD oil* in each treatment [unless advised otherwise].

Instrument Assisted Massage

80 MINUTES $100 • 50 MINUTES $70

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization or Simply IASTM is a new range of tool which enables clinicians to efficiently locate and treat individuals diagnosed with soft tissue dysfunction. We also use CBD oil* in each treatment [unless advised otherwise].


 *CBD oil has been found to help reduce blood pressure, alleviate stress and speed up the recovery of muscles that have experienced injury or overuse. During a CBD massage, CBD can help to naturally loosen muscles to reduce pain and inflammation to allow for faster healing. Improve skin health.

Float Pod


Float Pods are sensory deprivation tanks that simulate a zero gravity sensory free environment, allowing your mind and body to be removed from all stimulus and distractions. In this environment an opportunity is created to calm your body and mind, resulting in true rest and relaxation.




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