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Our Program Options:


Fitness Group Classes:



Our 50 minute Class. BearFit50 is a high intensity class that builds a foundation for endurance and movement. This class will always incorporate a strength and skill!

*no experience needed*


Our 30 Minute Class. BearFit30 incorporates simple body weight movements making it a fun, energetic, high rep, minimal weight class. Each class is jam packed with warm up, workout, cool down! 

*no experience needed*

Legend BearFit:

Our 50 minute Class held 3x a week for older adults. Legend BearFit focuses on everyday functional movements and community! As we age, our muscle mass begins to decrease. Muscle is an essential contributor to our balance and bone strength. Pairing these together reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and lowers the chance of injuries.

*no experience needed*


CrossFit Group Classes:



Our 60 minute class. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.

* Basics Course Required *


If you have never done CrossFit, 2 - two hour 'BASICS' classes are essential to get started. We start with the basic body weight movements and work our way up to all the Olympic and Powerlifting movements. This class will provide you the necessary tools, progressions and foundation to move safely and effectively all while expanding your Fitness Library.


Personalized Options:


Private Training:

One on One training. This option fits to your schedule too meet your expectations. We will match our staff to your needs , intensity and goals.

Private Programming:

Individualized programming tailored for your needs and intensity to reach your goal. This options is flexible to your schedule and time, as you can complete at your own pace in the open gym setting.

Open Gym:

This space you can come and go as you please. You can follow your own programming and schedule. The space is provided for those that want extra time beyond classes or those who are not one to join a class setting.


Book a Class:

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