How working out has made me a better person and parent!

Join me today for a little heart to heart on how I think Health and fitness has made me a better Person and Parent. Embarking on my health and fitness journey after college through CrossFit has been transformative, to say the least. Not just for physical health, but for my mental health. This has become even more evident through an injury I am currently working through. Yes, this summer while throwing my nephew in the pool – I sustained an injury. I digress, but will explain more later. 

The gym [prior to opening my own], with its array of offerings like CrossFit classes, personal training, and a supportive community, has woven a thread of positive change into the fabric of my daily life. It has been a no brainer for me to pencil in CrossFit class or movement everyday. Through both of my pregnancies I worked out close to 41 weeks with each of my girls. Yes, I was a lucky one and was able to maintain some semblance of movement during each trimester. 

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In the midst of my busy life, those precious 60 minutes have become a sanctuary for self-discovery and rejuvenation. The camaraderie of the CrossFit group classes, the moments of solitude in the sauna and my deep tissue and sport massages have become more than just routines; they’ve become catalysts for personal growth. Remember that injury I spoke about earlier? I have entered a new chapter of personal growth. I had to get really uncomfortable with accepting that my movements were going to look very different. Now, we all know the saying you can’t out work your diet, and to be honest my diet wasn’t “bad”. I know most of the ingredients I eat and yes, a few choices here and there could have been better. However, now being on the injured list I needed to also change my diet. My output is not nearly as high as it was before… My sanctuary is not in the kitchen. I actually loath the kitchen. Remember I said my sanctuary was the 60 minutes of working out, sauna or a massage.

The kitchen didn’t surge my energy levels. The kitchen didn’t infuse me the way that exercise had. Exercise demanded the resilience for the rigors of parenting and entrepreneurship and the need to navigate those roles with grace. The stressors never vanished, but my ability to handle them has evolved. The gym had become my refuge, a space where the rhythmic cadence of my workouts mirrors the calming rhythm I seek in the chaos of life.

The mental health benefits have been equally profound. Beyond the physical exertion, those moments on the gym floor have become a canvas for clarity and introspection. As I lift weights, I’m also shedding mental weights, gaining a renewed sense of purpose and focus. Perhaps the most beautiful ripple effect has been the example set for my children. In investing time in my own well-being, I’m imparting a lesson on the significance of self-care. They witness not just the physical strength gained but the emotional resilience cultivated through a commitment to health.

The community at 321 Wellness has become an extended family. In the shared sweat and triumphs, I’ve found a support network that transcends the physical space of the gym. It’s a community where the pursuit of fitness intertwines with the pursuit of a better self.

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Notice, I never mentioned the kitchen. Yeah, self growth likes to knock when you least expect it. The last six months I have had to stretch myself to get to the kitchen. I have found new recipes, made grocery lists and food prepped. Download our guide to navigating the grocery store like a pro — I have made more overnight oats than I can count. Managed my time differently so I could create time to spend food prepping — Most importantly I don’t think I would have ventured down this path without a nice little push. This push has stretched me to think and act differently. Yes, I still workout and move, but it’s not the same. While I’m not ok with that, and totally bummed – I am finding that pushing myself to try something new, expose my kids to different foods, and, well, have Kare search the grocery for odd items can be an ok sanctuary for now. Maybe I should have waited to demo my kitchen … but that’s another story for another day!

So, as I reflect on how the gym has made me a better mom, I realize it’s not just about the physical transformations but the subtle, profound shifts in mindset and approach to the highs and lows life provides. In those 60 minutes, I’m not just working out; I’m working on becoming the best version of myself for my family, my business, and the community we’re building at 321 Wellness. Do you loathe the gym, cooking or stretching? Challenge yourself to pick one and give it a try for 6 months, and see what doing something uncomfortable can do for you! Want help ? We have a Nutrition Kickstart starting January 15th!

PLEASE NOTE: This information is not meant to be medical advice, this is educational and how I approach this in my home. Please see your healthcare provider before changing anything or adding any supplements to your routine.